Hurricane Help From Scouts

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Boy Scouts are known for doing good deeds. And when members of one Scout group heard a fire department was still in need after last year’s hurricanes, they answered the call. Reed Galin reports.        

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(Locator: Gulf Coast)

Where manpower falls short in areas devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, “boy power” fills the gap.

Michael Hilton/13-year-old: “We’ve come here seven times now helping out for the hurricane.”

The Scouts of Troop 566 from Trinity United Methodist Church in Warner Robins, Georgia have been repairing homes on the Mississippi coast.

Clifford Aungst/12-year-old: “When I first came here, it made me cry. They didn’t have nothing there on the slab.  They just had nothing.”

Russell Baygents/D’Iberville resident: “If people weren’t volunteering to help these people down here, there’s a lot of them would just have to throw up their hands and leave here.”

The Scouts also reached out to the rescuers in the area – the local firefighters.  

Mike Smith/Assistant Fire Chief, Waveland, Miss.: “It’s been real difficult seeing the residents and the fear that they have, just living day to day, is terrible.”

One of the fire stations was swept away by the storm surge.  Since Scouts learn to “be prepared,” they collected donations and delivered more than five-thousand dollars worth of tools, equipment, furniture, and bottled water to the fire department.

Mike Smith/Assistant Fire Chief, Waveland, Miss.: “It’s what’s going to help us rebuild and start over again.”

The work is hard.  But the Scouts say it’s rewarding.

Clifford Aungst/12-year-old: “I got joy out of it.” 

Patrick Nakayama/11-year-old: “We’re helping out people, and that’s just what Scouts do.”

Billy Miller/Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 566: “I have brought several boys down here, and I’ve never taken one back.  They all went back being young men.”


Scout leaders say they expect the Mississippi recovery efforts to continue for years.

You can find out more about Troop 566 by contacting Trinity United Methodist Church at 478-923-3797 or going to their Web site at