Kids Fight Hunger

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Thanksgiving is a time when most Americans overindulge in food, but some kids are trying to remember those who are hungry this week. They are part of an operation that packs meals for developing countries. And since statistics tell us a child dies every 16 seconds from hunger-related illness, their work is all the more urgent. Kim Riemland reports.            

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(Locator: Near Richmond, Va.)

Nat/Group counts: “One thousand one, one thousand two. (Clap)”

Nat/Leader speaks to group: “Every time we clapped, someone died because they didn’t have enough food.”

In fact, within the next 24 hours, 30,000 people will die of hunger.

Megan Herceg/10-year-old volunteer: “I never knew it was like a problem in the world.”

Members of Woodlake United Methodist Church near Richmond, Virginia are doing something about it.

Brandy Clark/10-year-old volunteer: “It’s really hard for me to think of kids going without Thanksgiving.”

Terri Russell/Member, Woodlake United Methodist Church: “We just take for granted how easy it is to just go to the store and buy a turkey. And they just don’t have that.”

The non-profit organization Stop Hunger Now lets groups get involved by packaging dehydrated meals for developing countries.

Maggie Brim/11-year-old volunteer: “People that we see and know, you know, they’re not hungry. So it doesn’t occur to you that somewhere else in the world someone’s starving.”

Volunteers pack a mixture of soy protein, dehydrated vegetables, chicken flavoring and rice. Each meal costs only 20 cents.

Nat/Volunteer packs food: “That’s chicken.”

Stop Hunger Now’s “Operation Sharehouse” is stockpiling meals for orphanages, and helping kids in schools.

The Rev. Lee Warren/Stop Hunger Now: “They found that enrollment doubled immediately.”

Kate Birnbaum/10-year-old volunteer: “It makes me feel really good.”

Just add water…and the packages turn into balanced meals.

Nat/Person tastes dish: “It’s very good.”

In a couple of hours, volunteers can put lots of food on the table.

Nat/Volunteer speaks to the group: “How many kids will have meals because of you? 8,050!”

Ryan Neighbors/11-year-old volunteer: “A little bit of food can go a long way, except here it’s a lot of food.”


Stop Hunger Now has provided more than $100 million in aid so far, and it’s been delivered to 55 different countries around the world. It’s estimated that today there are 850 million people who are hungry.

For more information call 888-501-8440 or visit