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Every day, 25,000 people across around the world die of hunger. That’s one person every three seconds. Watch a record-breaking effort by college students to help reach a goal of 5.5 million meals sent to the hungry this year. Kim Riemland reports.  

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(Locator: Raleigh, NC)

Can 4,000 able-bodied students…

(Young woman carrying bag of rice) “It’s so heavy.”

…with rice by the truckload…

(Man unloading trucks) “43,000 pounds, give or take a couple 1,000...”

…pack enough meals to feed one-million hungry people…

(Young woman on assembly line) “We are machines.”

…in a single day?

That’s the goal set by participants from eight North Carolina colleges who are trying to set a record.

Mariana Chuck, Duke University Student: “We’re really excited to be here and hopefully we can make a big difference.”

The non-profit Stop Hunger Now organized the “Million Meal Event” with the help of the United Methodist Committee on Relief and other sponsors.

Ray Buchanan, Founder, Stop Hunger Now: “World hunger is the biggest obscenity of our age. Right now, over 850 million people—that’s two-thirds of the world’s population—goes hungry every single day.”

(Voice of student packing a meal) “Soy, vitamin, vegetables, rice.”

Just add hot water, and each package contains a balanced meal for a whole family. Actor Jesse Metcalf stopped by to encourage the volunteers.

Jesse Metcalf, Actor: “Also they’re raising awareness in hopes of, you know, kind of creating some social change.”

The shipments will go to impoverished areas of El Salvador, Haiti and India.

Lauren Vinesette, Raleigh Wesley Foundation: “This is the highlight of my day. I think it’s pretty cool that we can come together and do this.”

The group exceeded the goal by more than 10,000 meals … but it’s not just about numbers.

Ray Buchanan, Founder, Stop Hunger Now: “We need food to feed people, that’s for sure. But what we need more than that is to develop leaders so that we all can be working together to benefit the poor and hungry. The vision of Stop Hunger Now is simply to achieve a world without hunger. We can do that, in our lifetime, if all of us simply will do what we can.”


Students from NC State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, Peace College, Meredith College, Saint Augustine’s University, Duke University, and NC Central University worked alongside each other to reach the million meal goal. They broke the record by packing 1,010,374 meals in one day.

Stop Hunger Now started 10 years ago and has sent food to more than 60 countries. For more information, call 888-501-8440.