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According to government statistics, there are about five-and-a-half million parents staying at home with their kids. And fewer than two out of every hundred are dads. Reed Galin introduces us to a man who decided to try staying at home with his kids full-time. After six years, he says he has no regrets.    

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(Locator: Troy, Michigan)

Michael Bouque (“boke”) gave up electrical engineering – for domestic engineering.

Michael Bouque/Stay-at-home Dad: “This is certainly not anything that I had envisioned for my life.”

Michael tried to hire a nanny after his first child was born. That didn’t work out…so while his wife is at work, Michael is at home taking care of the kids.

Michael Bouque/Stay-at-home Dad: “I would do it until either our money or my patience runs out. And we haven’t gotten to either one yet.”

Michael now spends his days with three-year-old Mallory and six-year-old Tyler.

Tyler Bouque: “When I come home from school, he’s always there and we all get to play with each other.”

That’s allowed his wife Amy to advance in her career with a utility company and become the family breadwinner.

Amy Bouque: “It’s not for everybody. I couldn’t be the stay-at-home parents if the roles were reversed. I don’t think I could do it full-time.”

Michael attends a support group at his church, First United Methodist in Birmingham, Michigan. Leader Rodney Quainton was also a stay-at-home dad.

The Rev. Rodney Quainton/Assistant Pastor, First United Methodist Church: “They’re an unusual beast in the overall culture. People asked when they were in the grocery store, ‘What do you mean you’re a stay-at-home dad, can’t you get a job?’”

Mick McClelland/Stay-at-Home Dad: “We talk about some current issues that relate to parenting and so on. But it’s just been a good group of guys to spend time with.”

And even though Michael Bouque’s home duties don’t earn him a paycheck…you can’t beat the benefits.

Tyler Bouque: “Dad, I love you.”

Mick McClelland: “I love you, too.”


Michael Bouque has an MBA. He’s also quite an accomplished cook.  He told us that once he cleaned out several years’ worth of cooking magazines, and he cooked something different for dinner every night for a year. He cooks for members of his church after Sunday services, too.

You can find out more about the DADS (Dialoguing About Dad Stuff) support group by checking their web site at or contacting the Rev. Rod Quainton at or 248-646-6470 ext.3152.