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For Teachers

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Every time those “most stressful jobs” lists come out, “teacher” is listed near the top. No wonder summer break seems just as important to teachers as it is to their students. Kim Riemland (REEM-LAND) takes us to a special camp created with that in mind.        

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(Location: Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho)

At a peaceful place, nestled in Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, is a camp full of people who can sure appreciate the quiet.

Karen Egersdorf/Teacher: “You just need a place to go to relax to find out where you need to be again, and this is the perfect place to do that.”

It’s called “Three R’s for Teachers” – a United Methodist camp where teachers can rest, relax and renew.

Benita Maynard/Teacher: “We are constantly pouring out and giving, and our cup is empty by the end of the school year. It’s a chance for us to fill that cup up so that we have the energy to give to those kids again when we start up.”

Linda McDonald/Sawtooth United Methodist Camp: “We are taking over a lot of the jobs that used to be just a family kind of thing.”

Linda McDonald organized this camp. As an educator for 30 years, she’s seen how stressful the profession has become. Teachers here in Idaho, and around the country, feel the effects of growing class sizes, shrinking budgets, increased pressure for students to meet academic standards, even the threat of violence in the classroom.

Linda McDonald/ Sawtooth United Methodist Camp: “I know how hard teachers work, and I just wanted to help be the instrument to give them the gift back that enables them to go on.”

We know the importance of kids getting a summer break. This camp makes sure the teachers get that “downtime” too, surrounded by nature and people who understand.


Teacher stress is real. When surveyed, 40 percent said that they had been to the doctor for stress-related illness in the past year.

For more information, contact Sawtooth United Methodist Camp at 1-800-593-7539 or log onto