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How do you change the world? Perhaps one animal at a time. Reed Galin reports from a small town in Nevada, where people understand what a cow or even a colony of bees can mean in disadvantaged regions of the world.                

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(Location: Yerington, Nevada)

One sheep: $50.

“You know, they don’t have a lot of food and stuff.”

A bee colony: $30.


A flock of chickens: $20.

(Child with farm animals) “Beause if you give like a family in Africa they can have eggs for the rest of their life stead of just giving them a dead chicken and they eat for one day.”

A commitment to help someone on the other side of the world: critical.

People of the tiny United Methodist Church in rural Yerington, Nevada gathered some of the kinds of animals provided to desperate regions by Heifer International, to help people realize what donations to that organization can mean.

Linda Ingold/Member, Community United Methodist Church: “This one goat to that family is going to mean they have all this milk, and they can sell the milk,  and they can drink it, and they can make food with it.”

(Participant) “And they’ll be able to buy medicines with the money.”

No one in this congregation has ever been to Africa. But they’ve asked Heifer International to direct their donations to a settlement of single women with children in Zambia, some of whom have AIDS.

Linda Ingold/Member, Community United Methodist Church: “They’re trained in how to take care of the animals and then they pass it on.”

This was not the first time Edna Bickel has given.

Edna Bickel/Member, Community United Methodist Church: “My children and my grandchildren did not need just money from Grandma this Christmas.”

George Mollart/ Member, Community United Methodist Church: “It speaks for itself that, in our leisure time, we can come here and do something for someone else in their desperate time.”

Animals are sustenance and income for some folks around here, like 13-year-old Nick Beaton.

Nick Beaton, Age 13: “I live with animals every day of my life, and so I know how helpful animals can be.”

The Yerington congregation raised enough for a cow and smaller animals, maybe a portion of a water buffalo or llama.

(Participant) “Pigs are 120 dollars.”

Living the message of caring on the church sign: priceless.


You can find out more about the “Pet an Animal Day” in Yerington by calling Community United Methodist Church at 775-577-0336.

And to learn more about Heifer International, visit their Web site.

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